She felt like crying. She understood that tears would come out of her eyes within the next few seconds, so she swiftly walked towards the restroom. Restrooms are like one of the best friends for girls. They just watch you and give you support till you calm down, they don’t judge you or give you those free advises. Tears burst out uncontrollably and thoughts were running through her mind. “Do you know that feeling when you have to pay for something without doing anything wrong ?” That’s exactly how she was feeling. “How do I deal with it ?” has been the chronic question of her life.

Apsara is 26 years old, kindhearted and soft spoken. Right from her childhood she always tried to be a good girl and keep everyone happy. She was disciplined at school, studied well and never vexed her parents or teachers. Every time she looked at the mirror, she understood that something was wrong and disturbing. She asked her mother about it who used to fend it off casually by saying that she shouldn’t be worried. Days went on, she reached that age where we come to know about new things. Something was wrong again, she observed boys paying attention to other girls in the class where she felt left out. Since she was studious, she never waited late after school for regular gossips. In fact she hardly had friends besides her bench mates. She didn’t think too much because the society around her made her believe that if you study well and get a good job, you are destined to get a good partner. Moreover mingling too much with boys was considered bad.

After reaching college she could clearly differentiate between herself and her friends. She never participated in extra curricular activities like dancing, singing or skits. Why didn’t she ? She kept thinking. No one ever encouraged her to even try such things. Who would want to even see a girl like her performing on the stage. She felt sick. She was like a remote and cornered girl who talks with only two to three girls. Even those conversations were just about normal stuff (mostly studies). She hardly had any intense conversations, those kind of ones which build strong and lasting friendship. This has been the repeating pattern of her life. Just when things looked bleak, a guy said Hi and started talking with her. Ankit was a very sociable person, above average in terms of looks and was also her lab mate. He gossiped a lot with her and they became friends very quickly. They used to text regularly and she took care of all of his lab assignments. She explained all the subjects to him during exams and thanks to him she made good friends with others as well and for the first time in her life she was really happy.

Was that feeling love? It is obviously but to what extent, Marriage? She felt very apprehensive. She can never tell him what she feels about him. Rejection is too big to swallow. He definitely doesn’t feel the same for her. How to change that? She decided to make it obvious without admitting it. She talked more than regular, started writing all his class assignments even without him asking it. Occasionally she used to buy him stuff like T-shirts, watches and accessories. Ankit knew this. He neither wanted to lose all that care shown by her nor feel the same way about her. Which boy would? Beauty is like a prerequisite factor when you have to love a girl. Did you ever see a guy chasing after a girl who isn’t good looking. There might be rare cases but just to give you an idea, Apsara’s looks were beyond repair. Facials and make up would only exacerbate it. One fine day during a casual talk he referred Apsara as his caring and lovable sister. That was a sting in her heart and calmly replied in a low voice “Well which boy doesn’t think of me as his sister“. Ankit didn’t want to acknowledge it and so hastily changed the topic. Her name sounded like an irony which meant beauty in Sanskrit.

She slowly faded out from Ankit, and he too never bothered much to talk with her expect during exams. All the other friends too distanced from her slowly and even she doesn’t know why. What was meant to be her heyday of elation turned out to be a temporary euphoria. She was badly hurt but not broken. She topped the college and landed in a prestigious MNC with a good starting salary. She worked hard, sometimes even did the work of others without complaint. Perhaps that was her innate quality or perhaps that was the only way she would get attention. Years passed, her parents created a matrimony profile for her and consulted their relatives. Nothing worked. Good education, thick salary, good family, her kind attitude, nothing mattered. All the requests she got on the matrimony website were of low education profiles and demanded hefty dowries. She felt upset because her parents were not that financially strong. What a burden she is being for them. One day she attended a wedding of one of her relatives. How much fun were they having, what wrong did her parents do for not deserving it? They asked everyone in the function hall to pair up with a partner from the crowd to dance beside the groom and bride. Naturally, no one chose her. So, she was strangled between the questions posed by the elders about when was she planning to get married. Did they ask out of formality or sarcasm? It was too much of an emotion to handle. She felt like crying. She understood that tears would come out of her eyes within the next few seconds, so she swiftly walked towards the restroom.

Beauty is a bitch !! It masks people from realizing that everyone deserves love. Do you know that feeling when you have to pay for something without doing anything wrong ?


Football – a real comedy in India


Football_IndiaAfter the acclivity of urbanisation in India there are several entities that have taken over the minds of the youth in India. Hollywood movies and T.V. Series fall in the front run which have magnetised their evolving hearts. Consequently, people manage to watch all the movies and serial episodes irrespective of their ratings and genres with subtitles. And sometimes even without, they try to catch the gist of the director’s theme. As Indians are movie lovers right from their birth apart from a very few exceptional cases, they tend to fall in love with the novelty of the story-lines sooner or later.

Similarly, Football has been another front-runner which has started to draw people’s attention. With it, also comes a real comedy onto the centre stage. You will find people who follow Messi or Ronaldo with great zeal and fanaticism but you will also see people who say “I am a fan of Messi”, even without actually watching his game. You will find people who are ardent followers of several clubs, be it Real Madrid or Barcelona but you will also find people who say “I am a follower of Manchester United”, even without the awareness of the roster of players in the club. Recently, since the kick-off of 2014 Indian super league this comedy has spread its wings into almost every individual. The probability of getting an answer of “Who is the captain of Brazil?” from somebody who says that he supports Brazil is very low. It really gets harder to differentiate between these two sets of people. And yes, there are also people who say that football is a boring game, that you need to wait for the goals to be scored. The very attitude which they show while watching Cricket. A match with paucity of fours and sixes is not considered as a good game. I really feel sorry for the bowlers who try to read the batsmen’s mind, come up with variations, alter the speed, take wickets, turn the game and yet never get the fame they deserve. It is similar in Football too, you need to recognise the defenders and goalkeeper !!!

However Cricket was spared after the advent of 20-20 matches, fast and exciting as they term it but Football is here to stay, not to change. All the skills, tactics, passing, blocking, tackling, dribbling, assists, goals and saves are here to stay. In fact to stay forever. People blame that Indian government hasn’t shown enough concern to provide Infrastructure but I blame people who hasn’t shown enough interest towards the game. If infra was the reason you would find people playing gully football just like gully cricket. But, that ain’t the scenario. How can someone ever love a game when he has never put himself into the shoes ? Movies and Cricket somehow tried to dig an area of consideration but Football is still struggling and will continue to struggle and remain as a comedy unless either people tie up their laces or Sunil Chettri and co does a miracle as underdogs just like “Kapil Devils” !!!! The latter is too much to ask for but the former is definitely possible.