Why porn should be banned in India ?

Well, I have seen a lot of reaction on social media against the decision to ban porn in India. But, I don’t find your reasons convincing enough. Here are my reasons why porn should be banned indeed.

A Naive Argument: People argued that ban on porn would have a negative impact on men especially that there would be a rise in the number of rapes and molestations against women. Let me argue something: If that was the scenario always, how did people in 1970’s and 1980’s possibly have maintained a lower crime rate against women than us. I mean there was no Internet and they had no chance of watching porn. So why weren’t they drastically assaultive towards women? Rural India was safe. Once the urbanization began, the chance of getting caught in a big metro has been reduced and that paved way for increase in all types of crime, not just rapes.
So, when you say that ban on porn is proportional to crime against women, you are not speaking out of logic, instead you are speaking out of lust. Our morality has nothing to do with the availability of videos on Internet. It simply doesn’t work that way.

A Better argument: A much better argument is that it is educational and people actually understand “How to do it “. But it once again tracks me back to the same argument. How did people in sixties and seventies “did it” without knowing how to “do it”. Moreover, I think it makes our lives more boring. Porn is turning us into a slave of obviousness. I mean that there is a difference between entering the room with a “thrill of experimentation” and with a “feeling of obviousness”. I truly envy the people who lived three decades ago. So, as you see there, porn is not a necessity.

The Big Argument: The best argument I have heard is, “Who cares about logic, we just love to watch porn.” Now, I respect individuality and individual choices about how we feel about different things. But, our choices should not come at the expense of other people’s suffering. Before you think that I sound foolish, let me give you this story which I had once read in Al-Jazeera as an example. “Fatima was a girl born in Kenya who was sold into slavery as their parents couldn’t afford to raise her. She was moved to Riyadh where she worked for an affluent family who apparently fed her little and took no good care of her. When she reached a certain age, she was sold to a person in London who happens to be a friend of the affluent family where she turned herself into a porn actress.”
I appreciate Fatima’s boldness because she wanted to survive and move on with her life. But, was it a decision made of choice or was it a terrible destiny which she had to face as a consequence of living in a terrible society. When we watch a porn video, there is a good probability that we are watching someone like Fatima who is trying to manipulate her feelings and expressions just to survive. I am not telling you that I had never watched porn. I mean who I am kidding here. But when I knew that I was indirectly creating a market for people who make videos which was in turn creating a need for actresses to be smuggled into the industry, someone like Fatima, it wasn’t the same thing again.

The Final Nail: Now, I know that many of you would argue that not every porn actress is like Fatima, right? I mean in the west pornography is seen as a profession and there are even awards for best actors and actresses. But like all the other things in the universe beauty fades away. The only difference is that it fades away relatively too quick. So, the actresses who made their choice of becoming a porn star soon realize that are in a position, say mid-forty, when there is no demand left for them. Did we ever come across a porn actress, who had children in her entire life, I mean even if she did, can you imagine the impact of her profession that falls on her children. I really respect them for the sacrifices which they make but I also hate us for making them to sacrifice for our selfish purposes.

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