About me

Sometimes life reminds you that you are not what you are. I was with the majority of the people in my country who study for a living because right from our childhood we were told that nothing is more important than securing a good grade in our academics and finding a job that gives us a thick salary. As I grew, I found myself 18 years old (currently 25) pursuing my under-graduation course in computer science. I was confused and couldn’t make out what my stand was. I started disbelieving that a six digit salary figure is solely enough for tagging our lives as successful.

Passion, the word which I had never given importance until then suddenly came into picture. They say that people who had followed their passions were winners and history-makers. Fine, but trying to figure what my passion was not an easier task as it was buried deep inside me after years of suppression. I love to do anything that is challenging and sensible but also in general, I love to express my views and share them with others which get people closer to me. I also believe that where I stand out from most of the others is that I do not classify knowledge as necessary and unnecessary based on our daily activities or our working profession. I love to learn everything which I come across. So, technically I realized that I am passionate about everything in this world that made us(humans) the way we are. And added to that is my perennial love of expressing thoughts and opinions through various forms like writing, debating, public speaking etc. This blog was created to extend my quest of knowledge, reading articles from various authors across different categories so that I can be in touch with people across the globe and also to welcome the insights of my fellow bloggers on my reflections.

My name is Abhinav Kamani, who believes that we should start doing the things which we love instead of loving the things which we do !!!   My resolve at present is to reach a stage where I can make a significant impact on the general well-being of mankind through my deeds. Hence, the tagline “In search of Life”. I may or may not be a history-maker but I just want to live a life with zero regrets !!!

22 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for the like on my post. I think that your book reviews are good, and I like the style in which you present them. Good luck with your blog, and regards from England. Pete.

  2. ‘My only regret’, he said at the close of a College feast, ‘is that I have not drunk more champagne in my life.’ John Maynard Keynes, economist, King’s College Cambridge … thanks for the like!

  3. Love your philosophy! You’re incredibly insightful to have already figured this out….. It took me another twenty years to reach the same conclusion! Good luck on chasing your dreams and following your passions! May you live a life without regret!

  4. What a lovely thought you have. Many thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. Surely, writing is the best vehicle to express oneself. And I love writing. Keep on writing!

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