An Open Letter to United States


There was a time, not long ago when I used to think that people in United States are super affluent who can buy anything their heart wishes for. Be it bungalows or luxury cars or fashion accessories, that there is absolutely nothing which can dodge your purchasing power. And despite all the spending you still have money left to wage wars and to donate charity organizations. Somewhere in the middle, I read the novel “The Street lawyer” by John Grisham and understood that like every country there are people extremely poor who can’t even afford a house even in US. But, even that I imagined to be as something of past rather than present. As I grew and had become more accessible to Internet, I understood that the country is deeply divided between the advantages which I had always imagined it to uphold and the problems which even India as a developing country doesn’t face. I intend to break this post into three paragraphs which I also believe are the current burning issues faced by your country.

Your Expenditures:

When I know that I have just the sufficient money either to buy a play station CD or to buy groceries for the upcoming month I would choose the latter. As a matter of fact any rational person would do that. But as a country why do you choose to spend money on the sustenance of 7000 odd nuclear war heads when the cold war has ended instead of subsidizing the tuition fee for graduates who struggle big time to clear back their loans. Why do you choose to operate 800 military bases around the world with tens of thousands of troops not in countries like Iraq or Afghanistan but in countries like Japan, South Korea and Western Europe instead of bringing down the market prices of medicines which are way too expensive than any other developed nation on the planet. How can we be strong from outside when we are crumbling from inside. How are we proving that capitalism and democracy are the efficient and ultimate ideals for the governance of any nation state ?

Your Foreign Policy:

Picture me as a person who owns dozens of advanced rifles. Now, imagine me bullying someone who wants to buy a shot gun arguing over him that he is damaging peace in the society. That is exactly how you appear to be like when you argue over Iran that it shouldn’t possess nuclear weapons. Now, that doesn’t mean I want Iran to hold nuclear weapons but I want every country on this planet to dismantle their arsenal (including my birth country India which hasn’t signed the non-proliferation treaty) so that no other country in this world would feel insecure (like Iran right now which is completely normal when the country which has overthrown their government is nuclear enabled) or find the necessity to build a bomb. You are the only country who can begin that change and it is not confined to this particular aspect. Countries will follow if you make a move towards energy efficiency and renewable energy or towards Internet freedom or any other progressive idea. Such vital is your leadership.

Your Political Attitude:

To the 50% of the people who do not vote in the elections: Politics is not like a luxury item in a mall where you get to choose either to pick it or not. Instead, it is a basic need like the food you eat or the clothes you wear daily. Your involvement could define the future history. To the 30% of the people who are either democratic or republican leaning: A political party is not a football club where you say Forever Blue or Forever Red. You may naturally have a predilection towards a party’s ideals. But how can you support the Democrats when national debt is mounting and smaller businesses are struggling to survive or the Republicans when the environment is degrading and gun violence has become rampant. Your ultimate decision should depend on the candidate and his leadership capability rather than his/her party affiliation. To the remaining 20% swing voters: The country is in your hands and it needs you more than ever !!


You may be a country of 17 trillion dollar economy but you will have a scar on your prestige when you don’t address basic issues like maternity leaves which BTW is what I was referring to as a problem which even India doesn’t face in the introduction. Now to the big question, why am I even bothered about all this ? Because, when 2008 recession happened it is not just you who suffered but it is also us who lost jobs, incentives and privileges. India’s problems are India’s. Pakistan’s problems are Pakistan’s. But your problems are literally everyone’s. And the fact that your Debt-to-GDP ratio is at a dangerous 104% worries me that history might repeat itself. Made my point, I guess.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment !

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to United States

  1. It is what it is Abhinav. Americans, at the level of society I reside, tolerate our government. As far as the “Big Stick” issue; it’s probably best in our hands for now, until any other nation in our twisted world decides to allow human rights to continue to develop without interfering with society and the beautiful cultures that develop within them.

    • The “Big Stick”, if transferred to UN will relieve the financial pressure on our increasing debt. Moreover, I don’t think religious extremism is going to end in the near future as we have a lot of blood on our hands (drone strikes) which instigates further hatred. Thanks a lot for stopping by and keep staying out of the box !! 😉

  2. Nothing you said is wrong. I think the trouble for us here in the US is trying to choose our priorities: do we try to fix our economy first, since that is the problem that hits every other nation fastest and with the least warning? Do we try to change our politics so that our mindset can begin to change and move things onto a better path for the future? Do we try to dismantle our nuclear capability, as you say, since that is the greatest existential threat to all life on Earth? We cannot decide, and so often we freeze and put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong. Because everything is wrong, and we are as scared of our own country as I think the rest of the world may be. We are people riding a bull, an elephant, a whale, and suddenly realizing we are not in control — but we do not know how to get off.

      • At this point, I think priority #1 is to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t win the Presidency. Because I am quite sure he would exacerbate every problem you and I listed. But otherwise: I am a pacifist, and a firm believer in the dictum that war is hell: in my opinion it is the very worst thing that humans can do to one another. And so for my country, my first priority is to stop our warmongering: to draw back out troops from every civilized nation, and to reduce the military to a point where we do not think that every problem is a nail, and our military is the hammer. Nuclear weapons are a part of that, as well.

        • But how is that gonna happen if lone wolf attacks like San Bernardino keep repeating. It gets tougher and tougher to persuade and change the mindset of people.

        • Well, for one thing I don’t know that lone wolf attacks will keep repeating. I don’t know that the US will become a consistent target for similar terrorism, and though it pains me to say it, the American people do not, for the most part, care about similar attacks in other parts of the world. I think that there is already a desire to withdraw and become more isolationist, and though I don’t think the US should become cut off from the world economically or socially or diplomatically, I do think it would be largely to the good for this country to stop its military interventions. So the more war-weary people get, and the more we realize that our involvement in foreign wars is the reason for lone wolf attacks against us (in my opinion) I hope that the momentum will actually swing towards a more peaceful nation. Then I hope that we will take a long look at a military budget so bloated it can’t be sustained, and reduce it to a rational level (Which will take a whole lot of reduction), hopefully aiding our debt problem, as well. But only if Trump doesn’t win, or another warmonger with no sense of proportion or long-term benefit. And that will only happen if we are not the repeated target of lone wolf attacks between now and November. So I will continue to hope.

        • Agreed, our involvement in foreign wars is the reason for lone wolf attacks. I hope people realize it soon. Instead of looking at the issue in an emotional way we should look at it in a rational way, trace back the problem to its cause and resolve it.

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